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Hong Kong young people can take advantage in One belt one road

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HK youngsters must look abroad for their future: researcher

Hong Kong's young people should step out of their comfort zone to develop a better sense of competitiveness, says a think-tank researcher.

China strongly promotes the idea of “One belt one road” recent years, but can Hong Kong young people benefits in this plan?

Hui Ching, research director of the Hong Kong Zhi Ming Institute, said young people should not stay in their comfort zone of Hong Kong.

They should move to other countries in Southeast Asia to gain experience and tap more opportunities, Hui said at a Hong Kong Shue Yan University forum.

More young people from Southeast Asian nations were travelling abroad to study and improve their academic results, Hui said.

He also talked about the possible advantages Hong Kong in relation to the Belt and Road initiative, which President Xi Jinping unveiled in 2013.

The initiative provides a visionary blueprint for global economic development. It involves the establishment of land and maritime trade routes that will connect more than 60 countries and regions from Asia to Europe via Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and the Middle East.

“Hong Kong also has some advantages with 'One Belt, One Road' like freedom of information,”Hui said.

Although financial development had progressed in mainland China, its systems were still controlled and not free in some areas such as use of social media.

Hui said he was worried about his visit to China next week because authorities had blocked WhatsApp, so Hong Kong could become a centre for the transfer of information.

In addition, Hong Kong people can speak Cantonese, which could help the city become a link for other countries that also use the language, especially in Southeast Asia, he said.

On the financial system, Hui said Hong Kong may not benefit because Singapore now had a well-developed sector with some people choosing the city state instead to do business.

Wong Man Kit, 31 OCT 2017