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Overcome proverty is aim to build up a sustainable development livelihood

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Money not sole solution to poverty problem: 'social realty' pioneer

A pioneer in sharing the social value of real estate believes giving people both a home and fostering a sense of community is the solution to Hong Kong's poverty problem.

Ricky Yu, founder and chief executive of "social realty" enterprise Light Be, said money along was not the solution.

“Overcoming poverty cannot work by just giving money to people and there should be assistance to help empower them to a sustainable life,“ said Yu, who is also a member of the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee since January 2014.

His company launched an empowerment housing scheme called "Light Home" in 2013.

Under the scheme, Light Be rents properties from landlords and sublets them to the needy at an affordable rent on a three-year lease.

The scheme also involved a social worker helping each family to plan for the future by improving themselves through education or developing interests.

“We will arrange a staff member to help the tenant set up a self-development plan,” Yu said at a Hong Kong Shue Yan University forum on January 23.

He gave an example of a single mother who took part in the Light Home scheme.

She earned money to be able to take care of herself and her daughter after planning and this had never happened before.

“Chief Executive Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor had admitted at a forum that there were some things that the government could not do, so Light Be has cooperated with officials to speed up the development of an empowerment housing policy,” said Yu.

Yu said his company was also planning to build a village in the New Territories, but he could not reveal any more details.

He had been a managing director at a multinational corporation before coming up with the idea for Light Be in 2009.