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The trend of media is multi-platform broadcasting

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Hong Kong is lagging behind in producing quality dramas, says veteran TV producer

Hong Kong's television industry is being left behind as overseas shows are becoming more popular among locals, says a veteran TV producer

“The trend of multiplatform broadcasting is that people will view programmes not only on the TV, but also on the internet or through mobile apps,”said Jacky Chan, who has 20 years of industry experience.

Chan said Hong Kong's dominant free broadcaster TVB now not only focused on its traditional platform but looked to expand its reach on the internet.

“People will not stay at home to watching TV shows anymore,”Chan said at a Hong Kong Shue Yan University forum on February 27.

“As there is no regulation for online streaming of dramas, people can accept all kinds of themes and topics.”

Chan said Hong Kong TV producers should change their mindset in the content they created.

“Dramas are a reflection of humanity and local cultures, so there should not be a rejection of any themes because the sound ridiculous,”Chan said.

He also said Korean dramas had been successful in its development because the industry had the support of the government.

“The content of their dramas is attractive, but the production is also of a high quality,”said Chan.

“Hong Kong people are too timid and sensitive that indeed limited the creativity of drama productions.”

Chan, who previously worked at Star Chinese Channel and Phoenix Satellite Television, is now a writer and radio host of U Radio and RTHK. He had also worked for ATV as a manager.